1. Perfect Occasions for Fine Dining

    There are certain occasions when fine dining is a must. When you just want a quick bite to eat, it's okay to settle for ordering pizza or stopping by a drive-thru. However, there are certain occasions that warrant a higher quality meal and a more elegant atmosphere. Here at Stonewalls Kitchen, we don't think that you need an excuse to enjoy our delectable menu, our world-class service and our luxu…Read More

  2. Welcome to Stonewalls Kitchen!

    Stonewalls Kitchen is your new, go-to fine dining restaurant in Rapid City. When you go to a fine dining restaurant in Rapid City, you expect a lot. Not only should the food be incredible, the setting must be perfect and the staff must be amiable as well. The expectations are high when you step into a fine dining restaurant; in fact, they are often so high that most restaurants can't possibly live…Read More