1. Tips for Ordering Steak Like a Pro

    Want the perfect steak? If so, you need to learn how to order steak like a pro! In a previous blog, the experts at Rapid City's best steak house went over the elements that make great steaks great. A big part of what makes steakĀ delicious is how it is cooked, the cut of beef you purchase and what seasoning is used on the steak. Believe it or not, how you order your steak plays a huge role in how …Read More

  2. Perfect Occasions for Fine Dining

    There are certain occasions when fine dining is a must. When you just want a quick bite to eat, it's okay to settle for ordering pizza or stopping by a drive-thru. However, there are certain occasions that warrant a higher quality meal and a more elegant atmosphere. Here at Stonewalls Kitchen, we don't think that you need an excuse to enjoy our delectable menu, our world-class service and our luxu…Read More

  3. The Elements of a Great Steak

    There's nothing more satisfying thanĀ a steak cooked to perfection. At Stonewalls Kitchen, we aren't your average steak house in Rapid City, and we like it that way. Our Angus brand steaks have helped us to become the best steak house in town, but steak isn't the only thing we offer, although ours is so delicious that it probably could be the only thing we offer. We also offer pizza, pasta, soup, …Read More

  4. Welcome to Stonewalls Kitchen!

    Stonewalls Kitchen is your new, go-to fine dining restaurant in Rapid City. When you go to a fine dining restaurant in Rapid City, you expect a lot. Not only should the food be incredible, the setting must be perfect and the staff must be amiable as well. The expectations are high when you step into a fine dining restaurant; in fact, they are often so high that most restaurants can't possibly live…Read More